Benefits of Lymph Drainage Therapy: Sinus Relief

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT), or Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the process of using gentle manual sequenced movements with the intent to help the Lymph system drain its stores of waste out of your body. When your Lymph system is not flowing correctly, it doesn’t take long for your body to feel the negative effects. There are so many benefits to LDT that I have created a series of blogs to help you understand how it may help you. I’ll start with sinus relief, in light of the winter season that’s fast approaching!

Lymph Drainage Therapy for Winter Colds

Our bodies can be sensitive to even the slightest changes in our environment, so it’s no surprise that when the temperature changes, we have less exposure to fresh air. When air is not circulating and our bodies aren’t necessarily moving as much, we are more likely to pick up viruses. Many people experience pressure, discomfort and sickness because their sinuses get infected and/or inflamed.

The specific movements applied during LDT can be incredibly effective in helping the body remove these issues. When your Lymphatic System is working properly, your body can clean and purify different toxins and proteins that get in the way of proper tissue regeneration and healthy circulation.

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LDT for Sinus Pressure & more!

When your body cannot release the toxins and wastes from its systems properly on its own, it results in clogged cells, skin, joints, chambers of the eyes and ears. If you suffer from poor drainage, clogged sinuses and pressure behind your eyes, Lymph Drainage Therapy may be just the thing you need. Your LDT therapist can help nature along by facilitating the flow of your body’s fluids through the Lymph system, which works to relieve sinus pressure and infections.

Not only does the neck and facial Lymphatic Drainage Therapy relieve your sinuses and headaches. It can help with ear infections, tinnitus and vertigo (the latter two conditions if the cause has to do with ear pressure). It also has a side benefit of improving the tonicity of your skin. What does that mean? It means you can clear up your blemishes, reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and even see a reduction in wrinkles.


You can book an LDT session any time during your illness, as long as you do not have an active fever. If you are at the beginning stages of the illness, symptoms may increase, but the virus will be significantly shortened. In the middle to end stages of your illness, you’ll feel immediate relief and should be feeling great by the next day.

You don’t have to wait to receive this therapeutic work until you get sick. We can incorporate it into any session to try and prevent chronic illness in the cold and flu season.

Sinus Relief Massage in Southern NH

Getting in touch with a professional who understands how LDT can be beneficial for your seasonal colds and sinus relief can help make the changing of the seasons more bearable. Having a simple conversation can help you understand how this specific therapy might be just what you are looking for.

Don’t wait for the season to take its toll on you—let’s connect today and see how we can make this your best winter yet! Have you experienced the benefits of LDT to help your cold and flu symptoms? Let others know how beneficial this work can be by responding to this blog and sharing your story.


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