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Massage can be beneficial to every stage of pregnancy:

First trimester

Massage can be helpful in increasing energy and decreasing nausea and breast discomfort.  There is a common accepted myth that it is unsafe during the first trimester.  This is a myth and not fact, but do what you are comfortable with.  If there is any doubt in your mind, please follow your instincts and do what is best for you.

Second Trimester

Massage can help alleviate common aches and pains associated with pregnancy.  Ligament laxity can cause sacroiliac discomfort, round ligament discomfort.  Common muscular discomfort in hips, lower back, shoulders and neck can also be present.

Third Trimester

pregnant-massage-nhAll of the same issues can be present through the entire pregnancy, but in addition to the first and second trimester discomforts, swelling, joint discomfort and restlessness can surface in the third trimester.  Massage can decrease swelling and provide a comfortable position so that mom can rest and relax.

Breast Massage

Breast massage or lymph drainage therapy for breasts – breast size usually increases significantly during pregnancy and so does discomfort.  Regular breast massage during pregnancy can alleviate discomfort and also help with milk flow for when baby arrives.  Breastwork can also help clear mastitis (clogged milk ducts which cause pain, redness, fever) during breastfeeding years and can prevent mastitis when weaning begins.

“My husband booked me a prenatal massage around 36 weeks with Alyssa for a birthday present. Alyssa was very professional and she made me feel at ease. The environment was wonderful including the lighting and background music. I have been suffering from pregnancy aches and pains. Alyssa ‘s knowledge and passion makes her the top choice as a massage therapist. By the time I left I was pain free and relaxed. I highly recommend her and I am going to see her again.”  – Expectant Mom

Labor Support

I provide hands on education to birth partner.  Labor support is encouraged any time during the second trimester.  The birth partner is taught techniques to help with muscular pain and discomfort, which can be useful at home, as well as during labor.

“Allyssa is knowledgable, thoughtful, and helpful. Her massage techniques have helped me find comfort in the end of my pregnancy and my husband feel like he can support me throughout the rest of my pregnancy and through labor. We both have peace of mind as we approach the big day. I look forward to a prenatal massage, too. I recommend Labor Support to all couples in their third trimester!”

Pregnant women visit Allyssa Bedard for:

round ligament pain

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