Adding Pilates to Your Workout Routine

Whether you’re a marathon runner or trying to get out of a workout rut with a new fitness routine, it’s important to incorporate exercises that strengthen your core. Pilates is a complete mind-body method of physical conditioning that focuses on the core of the body. It will improve your overall fitness and help prevent injury.

I completed STOTT PILATES Intensive Mat Plus and Intensive Reformer so I could give my clients exercise suggestions for improving and maintaining good posture. In the process, I improved my own posture and regained stability and strength in my core and other intrinsic muscles throughout my body.

More Than Toning Your Tummy

Pilates helps strengthen your transverse abdominis, a deep muscle that runs horizontally across your abdomen and helps stabilize your pelvis and low back anytime you move your body. It also helps strengthen your obliques and multifidus which also play a key role in core strength and pain prevention.

How it Works: Five Basic Principles

Five Basic Principles, which stress proper breathing and body positioning of the pelvis, ribcage, shoulder blades, and head/neck, provide the foundation of STOTT PILATES. With each exercise, you deeply engage your abdominal muscles, stabilize your ribcage and shoulder blades, and try to maintain the natural spinal curves.

Pilates and Yoga: What’s the Difference?

Many people ask about the difference between Pilates and yoga and it’s not always easy to answer. Yoga, which has been around for thousands of years, incorporates a life philosophy around ethical and spiritual values as well as a series of poses (“Asana”) instrumental in building strength, flexibility, and a mind-body connection. Pilates, which was introduced in the early 1900’s, is a series of exercises designed to improve core muscle strength in the abdominals, hips and lower back. My way to simplify the difference is: yoga to stretch, Pilates to strengthen. Depending upon your personal fitness goals and needs, either (or both) may be beneficial to you. The best way to find out is try it.

The Combined Benefits of Pilates and Massage

I chose to become a STOTT Pilates instructor to better serve my clients. When you combine Pilates exercise with massage, your body is more likely to remember and stay in the correct position or posture for a longer period. I am excited to share these tools with you.

Please contact me with any questions about Pilates, or the benefits of combining STOTT PILATES with massage! You can reach me by phone at (603) 321-6387 or by email. Until next time!


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