Breast Massage: A Healing Touch

Breast massage in Merrimack, NH

I have been completing courses through the Chikly Health Institute. I am blown away by the knowledge I gained about the lymphatic system and how to manually move lymph throughout the entire body, particularly in breast tissue.

Lymph Drainage Therapy has a major focus on working with lymphedema, which is a condition where lymph nodes are either removed or not functioning and fluid pools in one area of the body and causes major swelling. This condition is often secondary to breast cancer surgeries like mastectomies, lumpectomies, and radiation therapy. I not only learned how to work with this condition, I learned how to potentially prevent disease in breast tissue (and everywhere else in the body, but lets stick to breasts for now).

What does breast massage do for the body?

Before I talk about how I perform breast tissue massage, let’s talk about what breast massage does for the body and how it can promote healing.

  • 72 hours (or less) before a mammogram and/or thermography surgery, breast massage will help clear out excess fluid
  • Engorgement – when breasts get overly full with milk and become painful, massage will help reduce pain and increase milk flow to aid in emptying breasts
  • Inflammation/infection like mastitis – massage clears the blockages and clears out the infection
  • Fibrocystic Breasts – massage alleviates pain associated with fibrocystic tissue and gets rid of the hard, lumpy tissue
  • Scarring (acute or chronic) – Whether it’s associated with breast reduction surgery, implant surgery (this surgery forces lymph to go in a different direction because the foreign object actually compresses all of the complex workings of the breast tissue), or lumpectomy/mastectomy, it is critical to have scars worked on through massage. Whether this happens right after surgery (acute), or years later (chronic), scar massage can prevent fascial dysfunction and pain patterns not only locally, but in other areas of the body.
  • Menstrual breast pain or Mastodynia – breast massage is great for getting rid of pain and swelling
  • Stretch Mark reduction

Breast massage and cancer prevention

Please refer to The Chikly Health Institute for more information on Lymph Drainage Therapy and cancer prevention, because that is where I learned much of this valuable information.

I wanted to share this knowledge with you because I love having the opportunity to help people prevent cancer or prevent the recurrence of cancer. I know that breast massage is a taboo subject, and it takes a significant amount of trust for people to choose it, especially as prevention. I often find that people who have already gone through cancer treatments are more open to the work. Cancer survivors respond well to breast massage because it is so gentle and nurturing. However, wouldn’t it be great if we could prevent getting to the cancer part by simply having regular breast massage? It takes no more than 10-15 minutes out of a massage session.

There is also the possibility that this work can stir up past memories. If you have a history of physical or sexual trauma, it may be a good idea to be working with a therapist if you decide on this treatment. I am trained to deal with emotional releases during treatments, so please do not let trauma discourage you from seeking this help.

I will not perform the Lymphatic Breast Care without consent. There is a form specifically for this work that you will sign before treatment.

If you are completely creeped out by having breast work done, why not learn how to do some on your own. Here is a link on how to perform self-breast care called Phluffing the Tatas which is shared by a physical therapist in Massachusetts.

If you or a loved one would benefit from breast massage, please call me at 603-321-6387 to learn more.


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