Spring has Sprung: Time for a 10-Day Detox

I got some great feedback on my blog “A Bad Case of the Winter Blues.” This was by no means written for people to feel sorry for me or think I am nuts (which I am, so go ahead and think that!). But I did want to be a little bit vulnerable so that if any readers were feeling down, they would know they’re not alone.

To bounce back from my winter funk, I decided to try a 10-day detox diet under the guidance of an amazing nutritionist, Leslie Why. I started on April 15, 2015 at a whopping 158 pounds. My chest measurement was 35”, waist 28.5”, and hips at 39”.

woman with bare shoulders holding vegetableDay 1 – I had already mostly weaned off coffee, so not having it wasn’t such a shock. The shake that I have to drink is by no means yummy, but it’s tolerable. I felt pretty hungry after going to the gym, but I was still able to stick to the guidelines.

Day 2 – I felt okay. My daughter’s preschool held a family breakfast. As I doled out bacon and waffles to her, I ate my apple and plethora of pills. The smell of bacon was intoxicating, but I was able to fight off the urge to take any.

Day 3 – Look out world, this mamma’s hungry and bitchy! I was fine with my clients at work, but my family noticed my agitation. I also had a bit of a headache.

Day 4 – I biked on a stationary bike for about 30 minutes. Sweat exploded out of my skin. I was soaked, but I had plenty of energy. The biking helped burn off some of the bitchiness as well! By now I’m getting used to the routine. I was able to sit outside with my family for a picnic.

Day 5 – Feeling pretty good. I’m not as hungry anymore. The weather outside was crappy, so it was a pajama day. I took a little walk and made my meal for the rest of the detox.

Day 6 – I worked out in the morning on the bike again. I’m amazed at the amount of energy I have. Figuring out how to take in some extra calories after a workout is a bit of a challenge, but I’ve discovered that you can’t go wrong with a handful of raw almonds.

Day 7 – I’m looking forward to “toxifying” my body again, at least a little… I pulled a baggie of uneaten chips out of my daughter’s lunch box and thought about devouring them, but I didn’t do it. Yay me!

Day 8 – I just keep reminding myself that it’s almost over. This detox has made me think long and hard about my previous habits. Even though I wouldn’t be hungry after eating dinner, I would usually still eat chocolate or have some type of dessert. I’ve realized I don’t need that every day. Most unhealthy eating is habitual instead of truly satiating.

Day 9 – I was very busy with work today, but I’ve gotten into the routine of eating roughly every 2 hours. It’s a bit easier now that I’m on day 9. I think I can do without bean and veggie soup for a lifetime now! 5 days in a row may have been overkill…

Day 10- I would say this is the best day because I knew it would be over when I went to bed.

Measurements morning after day 10:
Chest 33.75”
Waist 28.25”
Hips 39”

Weight: 153

A woman never wants to lose on the chest, so it figures that’s where I lost the most inches. There was a slight change in the waist and nothing in the hips. But who doesn’t love a woman with voluptuous hips?

The takeaway from this experience is that before I began, I was so confounded about why I was unable to lose weight. Once I began this diet I realized how poor my eating habits really were. They were by no means out of control, but there was a lack of consciousness in my eating routine. Eating potato chips before dinner because I was hungry and consuming desserts after lunch and dinner was probably not helping my situation. Now there is no confusion as to why I was holding onto the weight.

I still have a little ways to go, but I feel much less bloated and I certainly don’t want to return to the eating habits I used to practice. If I do, I’ll just end up staying at this weight, or tipping the scales higher!

Do I recommend a detox diet? My answer is no, unless you are under the care of a health provider or nutritionist. However, I do think this diet can be beneficial to get all of the “junk” out of our bodies. If you want any food recommendations or exercise tips, or if you have any questions in general, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help guide you on your road to wellness!


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